Research Contacts

The MetaPHOR project has built up a wide network of research partners and associates. Anyone thinking about writing anything on MetaCASE would do well to look at the research of these people first (see their home page link or the Bibliography Servers on Database Systems & Logic Programming or IS Journals).


Sjaak Brinkkemper 
Baan Company, Netherlands
Metamodeling and formalization of models
Prof. Janis Bubenko 
SISU, Sweden
Metamodeling and CASE-shell architectures
Dr. Sol Greenspan 
GTE Laboratories
Knowledge representation in software engineering environments
Prof. Matthias Jarke 
RWTH-Aachen, Germany
Knowledge representation in systems development environments
Prof. Peri Loucopoulos 
UMIST, England
MetaCASE tools and architecture
Prof. Colette Rolland 
University of Paris, I
Enactable process models
Prof. Paul Sorenson 
University of Alberta, Canada
Object-Oriented Metamodelling Environments
Prof. Arne Sølvberg 
Norwegian Institute of Technology
Extensible CASE tool architectures
Prof. Richard Welke 
Georgia State University
Method Engineering


There are many research efforts in metaCASE and related fields around the world - here are a few that we have close contacts with.

DMRG at University of Twente
SISU (makers of RAMATIC)
Nature (Reports)
ConceptBase (University of Aachen)
MetaView (University of Alberta)
CAiSE (proceedings 1990-)
IFIP TC8 (Information Systems)
WG 8.1 (Design and Evaluation of Information Systems) (see also FRISCO)
WG 8.2 (Interaction of Information Systems and the Organization)

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