4. Project results

4.1. Publications abroad

4.1.1. Books

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Development  Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations, Cambridge University    
Press, 1994 (forthcoming).                                                     
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4.1.2. Papers in edited collections

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4.1.3. Papers in proceedings

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22, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of      
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4.1.4. Papers in journals

Kelly, S., A Matrix Editor for a MetaCASE Environment, in Information and      
Software Technology, vol. 36 no. 6, June 1994.                                 
Kelly, S., Smolander, K., Evolution and Issues in MetaCASE, to appear in       
Information and Software Technology, 1994.                                     
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Documentation Techniques, in Journal of End User Computing, February 1994.     
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mean? A Structurational analysis of computer supported cooperative work,       
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Object-Oriented methods", to appear in SIGPLAN Notices.                        
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environments -- The metamodeling approach. Scandinavian Journal of             
Information Systems, vol. 5, pp. 51-77, 1993.                                  

4.1.5. Dissertations


4.1.6. Textbooks


4.1.7. Other publications

Kerola, P., Lyytinen, K., On the trinity of methodologicality,                 
Object-Orientedness and Hypertextuality in Information Systems Evolution,      
15th IRIS, Laarkollen, Norway, August 1992.                                    
Marttiin, P., Design issues of CASE Shell, dissertation research outline,      
ICIS doctoral concortium, Dallas, Texas, December, 1992.                       
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Hypertext, ICIS Doctoral Consortium, Tallahassee, Florida, December 1993 (b).  
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Smolders, M., Capturing Design Decisions, Master's Thesis, Dept. of Computer   
Science, Univ. of Twente, 1993.                                                
Tolvanen, J.-P., Incremental method development for business modeling: an      
action research case study, submitted, 1994.