2. Research strategies and topics of the project

Research in the MetaPHOR project was done with several parallel activities:

Theoretical: development of theories of metamodeling that draw upon more general systems principles derived in metasystems theory (van Gigch) and type theories. This research also developed a coherent basis to integrate metamodels, object oriented principles, and hypertext systems. (See section 3.1.)

Conceptual: development of frameworks, principles, and guidelines which can support metamodeling in IS development. This includes developing method engineering principles, method specification languages, and the comparison of these. (See section 3.1.)

Constructive: design of data models, architectures, and design components which can implement metamodeling principles in CASE tools containing object-oriented properties. Design and implementation of CASE tools with a full method engineering capability. (See sections 3.2. through 3.4.)

Evaluative and empirical: investigation and analysis of the application of method engineering principles and tools in practice for a chosen practical problem or method component. Empirical assessment of CASE tool functionality and operational features. (See sections 3.2., 3.5.)