3.3.7. Symbol Editor Introduction

Many GOPRR types (or their subtypes) use graphical representations in the MetaEdit+ environment. These types are projects, graphs, objects, roles, relationships and queries. Many MetaEdit+ tools, e.g. Draw Window, Matrix Editor and Graphical Query Editor, use these graphical representations for displaying the GOPRR types.

To allow an easy definition of these graphical symbols and linking to their conceptual counterparts, we have developed the Symbol Editor. It is a simple vector graphics editor with the capability to store a picture as a default representation of some GOPRR type. Objectives

In developing the Symbol Editor we had the following objectives:

symbol definitions can contain any number of different types of shapes (ellipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle, line, polygon, text and bitmap)

each shape can have different attributes (colour, width, brush)

a symbol can have labels that show its GOPRR type's property values

users can save shapes to GOPRR type, or to a symbol library Current situation

Users can now define complex shapes with Symbol Editor and save them to a GOPRR type or to the symbol library. All the basic shape types are supported and each of them can have different kinds of attributes. GOPRR type's properties can be defined to be part of a symbol's representation using labels. When a GOPRR object changes its property value, the labels automatically display this new value. Future plans

In the future symbols will be changed to support individual scaling, multiline labels with automatic size adjustment, and rotating. The ability to change a symbol's representation according to the representation rules attached to a type will also be developed