3.3.4. Transformations and data interchange between tools

The area of transformations has been in a slow motion due to the contributor's workload dealing with the meta modelling tools. New project participants will be contributing into this area in near future. Juha Pirhonen is making his master's thesis about an import tool for MetaEdit+ and Hui Liu's Query Editor will be the backbone of new transformation tools. Introduction

As the individual methods are usually combined into methodologies, there is a need to support the interchange of development data between the various methods. Transformations can also be used to define "bridges" between different tools, for example CASE tools and CSCW tools. Objectives

In developing transformations we have the following objectives:

specifying a transformation language, and its support system, that can be used to transform descriptions between methods and between different tools needed in software development,

applying this language together with metamodeling languages for methodology development in MetaEdit+,

applying this language to define import / export facilities for the MetaEdit+ environment. Current situation

We have developed a transformation system for MetaEdit that has been used for several purposes. Some results of this work have been published in (Rossi et al, 1992). Current work focuses on other available environments to define requirements for a more complete transformation system. We are also developing import mechanisms for the MetaEdit+ environment. As a part of this work a student project at the department of Mathematics (Univ. of Jyväskylä) developed software that can be used to transform textual representations of models into a graphical format. Future plans

In the future we will develop a new version of MetaEdit's transformation system and exploit the accumulated ideas there. There is also a need to develop a new transformation language for the GOPRR datamodel. The developed system will be tested by implementing with it the Import/Export functions for the CDIF (Common Data Interchange Format).