MetaPHOR organization and staffing

The research group is currently staffed by six full-time researchers and one part-time researcher. Here they are:

Full Time Researchers:

The full-time researchers are (with a description of their research topic):

Minna Koskinen Ph.Lic
Process management and enaction tools
Janne Kaipala M.Sc.
Hypertext functionality, user interface management
Zheying Zhang M.Sc.
Metamodelling tools, metamodel reuse
Jouni Huotari M.Sc.
Visualisation of modelling information
Risto Pohjonen B.Sc.
Transformation tools
Kalle Korhonen B.Sc.
Architecture modeling and component interfaces

Part-time researchers:

Prof. Kalle Lyytinen
Methodology engineering and method management, Project leader

Previous researchers; the following are no longer with the MetaPHOR project:

Steven Kelly Ph.D.
GOPRR model, tool integration, repository management MetaCase Consulting Oy
Hui Liu Ph.Lic.
Visual query systems IBM, Toronto, Canada
Janne Luoma M.Sc.
Repository management, concurrency and locking MetaCase Consulting Oy
Pentti Marttiin Ph.D. 
CASE shell architectures and functionality, process modeling Nokia Research Center
Harri Oinas-Kukkonen Ph.D.  CASE environments and hypertext systems University of Oulu
Matti Rossi Ph.D.
Metamodeling tools, report tool, metamodeling paradigms Helsinki School of Economics
Marko Somppi M.Sc. Repository management, concurrency
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen Ph.D.
Method adaptation, methodology engineering MetaCase Consulting Oy

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