Metamodeling: Principles, Hypertext, Objects and Repositories

The MetaPHOR research group forms currently one of the largest software and systems engineering research groups in Scandinavia. Since its start in 1990 it has developed two experimental metaCASE tools, written and edited five books and published over 80 conference and journal papers. The acronym MetaPHOR stands for Metamodeling, Principles, Hypertext, Objects, and Repositories.

The principal research topic of the research group is to develop application principles, tool architectures and technical solutions for configurable metaCASE environments. A simple way to describe a metaCASE environment is to think of it as a platform for configuring various CASE environments according to varying needs. Because of this we regard CASE tools as special kinds of (meta-) information systems, and metaCASE environments as their development environments.

Another main line of our research is to investigate, analyze and understand the evolution of knowledge and knowledge representations that make system development possible and efficient. This concept is implied by the notion of metamodeling where we try to formally (or at least explicitly) model the knowledge and representation schemata that define what we know about systems we develop and the processes that bring them about. Technically, our research is founded on the application of object-oriented modeling philosophies, distributed computing architectures, object-oriented implementation environments and graphical user interaction management systems. We have built two successful metaCASE environments, MetaEdit and MetaEdit+, and both of them have also been marketed as commercial tool environments. Currently there are several hundreds MetaEdit implementations around the globe.

Our current research interests are focused on hypertext and traceability support in systems development, process support and enactment environments, visual and 3D user interfaces and their modeling in CASE, and reuse of software and design artifacts both at the design and metadesign levels.

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