MetaPHOR Project: Final Report

Title page and abstract
Executive summary
1. Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Project goals
1.3. Organisation and staff
2. Research strategies and topics of the project
3. Detailed descriptions of the research topics
3.1. Theory of Metamodeling
3.2. Metamodeling and method specifications
3.3. The MetaEdit+ environment
3.3.1. Architecture
3.3.2. The development of the GOPRR data model
3.3.3. User interfaces and environment control
3.3.4. Transformations and data interchange between tools
3.3.5. Data management
3.3.6. Use of hypertext in CASE tools
3.3.7. Symbol Editor
3.3.8. A graphical query editor
3.4. Object-oriented design and method engineering
3.5. Other topics
4. Project results
4.1. Publications abroad
4.2. Finnish publications
4.3. Software, algorithms, and prototypes
4.4. Lectures, guest lectures, etc.
4.5. Prizes etc.
4.6. International positions
5. Other activities
5.1. Travels and meetings
5.2. Organised seminars
Appendix: Some organisations using MetaEdit 1.x
The final report is roughly split into a file for each entry in this list: where the section title is in italics, the section does not have its own file, but belongs to the previous non-italic section. The links into these italicized sections will start you at the appropriate position in that file.

Each file is 5-10K long. The total report is 115K long. It's also available as a nice long PostScript file. See also other publications of the department.